Within the framework of the overall objectives of the University of ELShaikh Abdalla ELBadri and in commitment to them, the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Preparing academic cadres with high levels of performance.
  2. Qualifying qualified graduates for the labor market to contribute effectively to the administrative and economic sciences.
  3. Meeting the needs of the industrial sector of the scientific outputs prepared scientifically and aware of using modern methods and computer.
  4. The Faculty seeks to the compatibility of its outputs with the requirements of the labor market through the preparation of knowledge and professional and accompanying skills (proficiency in another language and skills in computer applications).
  5. Contributing to the on-going education courses to train, develop and raise the efficiency of the performance of state employees or other sectors and provide scientific consultations ( in different forms ) to the parties applying for it.
  6. Preparation of specialized administrative and economic research and studies with a focus on applied research that provides solutions to practical problems.
  7. Contributing to solving the problems facing the official and non-official economic activities in the country.